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On this page is a collection of pictures of notable Abys.  While most of the cats have achieved show success, a couple are included who do not have titles for one reason or another.   Click on a photo to enlarge it.  There are more Aby photos in the Photo Gallery.  If have a nice picture of a famous Aby which you think should be included, please e-mail

Princess & Rossi
Gr Pr Assheton Cavaradossi (23a) MN (left)
and Gr Pr Assheton Aida (23) FN (right)
Owner/Breeder Vicky Hakin Smith


Pr. Assheton Amir (23) MN
Owner Mark Hallam
Breeder Vicky Hakin Smith

All these four cats were from Queen Mum Libella Lydia, who produced three Grand Premiers from her first three litters.


Gr Pr Assheton Bodleh (23) MN
Owner Lesley Bennett
Breeder Vicky Hakin Smith

Bodleh was Best Neuter at the ACC show in 1990 and was the first Grand Premier to be sired by a Silver Aby.

Kio ACC 1979
Tausert's Ki-O-Kazam (23) M
Owner Morris Sklader
Breeder Lynn Sargant


Kio was one of the first Abys to be imported into Britain, in 1978.  His coat colour was outstanding.  As Morris was in demand as a Judge, he was unable to show him enough to make Champion.  He is pictured here at one of his very rare outings, at the ACC show in 1979.

Ch. Taishun Leo(23) M
Owner/Breeder Mrs Edith Menezes

A marvellous cat born in 1964 who is
 behind most of today's British Abys


TaishunLeo.jpg (23197 bytes)

Gr Pr Pussini Magnificat (23) MN
Owner/Breeder Jill Davison

This cat has the largest ear tufts I have ever seen on a Usual Aby!

magnificat.jpg (14639 bytes)

Colour key; 23 - usual (ruddy, tawny); 23a - sorrel (red, cinnamon); 23b - chocolate; 23c - blue; 23d - lilac; 23e - fawn; addition of "s" to any = silver

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