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Grand Abys

On this page we have listed the names of the first Abyssinian Grand Champions and Grand Premiers and now, the first Imperial Grand Champion 

GCCF introduced the titles of Grand Champion and Grand Premier in 1967/68.  In those days, all shorthaired cats were included together in the same class, and males and females competed alongside each other, so it was no mean feat to be awarded a "Grand" title, with classes often having over a dozen entries.  Over the years the shorthaired section has been split, first to give British Shorthairs their own section, then Burmese and Orientals were split off, and more recently, the Five Original Foreign Shorthairs (Abyssinians, Russian Blues, Korats and Cornish and Devon Rex) compete together in their own section.  So it is much easier now to get a title.  A selection of titled cats appears in our Celebrity Gallery.

The first Aby to be awarded a Grand title was Grand Premier Dobhran Skol, a usual Male Neuter, in 1976.  He was bred by Mrs Wallis and his very proud owner was Lynn Wilkins (left). Mrs Wallis also bred the first Grand Premier Sorrel Aby, Dobhran Amoroso (right) owned by Mrs Bedford, who was made up in 1979.

Abyssinian Grand Champions
February 1980. First Grand Champion Abyssinian 
First Sorrel Grand Champion

Gr Ch Philos Roca, Male.
Owner Vicky Hakin, Breeder Miss H. Scatchard

rocky78a.jpg (13809 bytes)
SeawindSwatamothMarcHenrie.jpg (28250 bytes) 1981.  First Usual Grand Champion.

Gr Ch Seawind Swatamoth, Male.
Owner/Breeder Mr & Mrs A Rose.

Photo © Marc Henrie

First Blue Grand Champion

Gr Ch Emarelle Milos, Male 
Owner Mrs Ruth Hopkins, breeder Mrs Meg Lyall 

milos.jpg (390345 bytes)
mollymcgrdy.jpg (27921 bytes) August 2002 - First Silver Grand Champion

Gr Ch Depussey Molly Mcgredy (23es)
Owner/Breeder Mrs Christine Harvey

Photo © Robert Fox


Abyssinian Imperial Grand Champion

February, 2006 - First Imperial Grand Champion

Imperial Grand Champion Nile Amun Ra, Male
Owner Isobel Hansell, Breeder George Kennedy

Photo: Alan Robinson

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